Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Way of a Rebel

Queen of the Flaming Diamond by Leroy Yerxa

"There it was, in a night club, the biggest diamond in the world. Why was it here when a whole race depended on it for existence?"

"No Shield from the Dead" by Gordon R. Dickson

"No conceivable force could penetrate Terri's shield. Yet he was defenseless."

"The Black Tide" by Arthur G. Stangland

"Space in its far dark reaches can be fickle with a man; it can shatter his dreams, fill him with fear and hate. It can also cure a man—if he is strong enough."

At the Post by H. L. Gold

"How does a person come to be scratched from the human race? Psychiatry did not have the answer—perhaps Clocker's turf science did!"

"Way of a Rebel" by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

"No one knows the heart of a rebel until his own search for the reason of right or wrong is made. Lieutenant Laskell found the answer to his own personal rebellion deep beneath a turbulent Atlantic, and somehow, when the time came, his decision wasn't too difficult...."

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