Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Old Martians

"Henry Horn's X-Ray Eye Glasses" by Dwight V. Swain

"Henry Horn had a new invention; a pair of glasses that worked on the x-ray principle. But he didn't expect them to reveal Nazi secret agents and their works of sabotage!"

"The Old Martians" by Rog Phillips

"They opened the ruins to tourists at a dollar a head but they reckoned without The OLD MARTIANS."

"Let There Be Light" by H. B. Fyfe

"No matter what the future, one factor must always be reckoned with—the ingenuity of the human animal."

The Ambassador by Sam Merwin, Jr.

"All Earth needed was a good stiff dose of common sense, but its rulers preferred to depend on the highly fallible computers instead. As a consequence, interplanetary diplomatic relations were somewhat strained—until a nimble-witted young man from Mars came up with the answer to the "sixty-four dollar" question."

"Tape Jockey" by Tom Leahy

"Pettigill was, you might say, in tune with the world. It wouldn't even have been an exaggeration to say the world was in tune with Pettigill. Then somebody struck a sour note...."

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