Monday, May 3, 2010

The Star Lord

"Hoiman and the Solar Circuit" by G. Gordon Dewey

"They lifted Hoiman's scratch, thus causing him to lose much smoosh. So he grabbed his bum and hit the high orbit."

The Star Lord by Lyle G. Boyd and William C. Boyd (as by Boyd Ellanby)

"To some passengers a maiden voyage was a pleasure cruise; to others it meant a hope for new life. Only the Captain knew of its danger!"

"Clean Break" by Roger Dee

"A veteran veterinarian might have vamoosed—but Watts had to help any sick animal...."

"Wainer" by Michael Shaara

"Certainly, life has a meaning—though sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn what it is."

"High Man" by Jay Clarke

"Roger got his chance to rise in the world ... and wound up with his head in the clouds!"

Assignment's End by Roger Dee

"Alcorn's wild talent was miraculous ... he brought peace to everybody who came near him. Only one person was exempt—himself!

"A Mixture of Genius" by Arnold Castle

"Who, but the imaginative young, shall inherit the stars?"

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